Rebellion, Trauma, and Toxins: Rethinking Witchcraft and Possession in Colonial New England

While Halloween is more of a lifestyle than a season in our house, it’s the perfect time to talk about witchcraft and possession, and something I have yet to see anyone else mention in the discourse surrounding where the two intersect.

Route 66 in New Mexico: Pre-1937, Southern Portion

This was written in 2007, so please excuse the early digital photography. With COVID restrictions in place, many people have had to cancel travel plans, so I thought I’d present some vicarious adventure via my old travel blog. Route 66. The name has an almost magical power. For many people it conjures up vivid imagesContinue reading “Route 66 in New Mexico: Pre-1937, Southern Portion”

Reflections on Conducting a Writing Workshop on the Threshold of Hell

“Say whaaaaat?!” I squeaked in a tone only dogs could hear upon finding out that I would have to teach a series of writing workshops in a community setting as part of the class. “Me, teach a writing workshop in the community? Are you effing high?! I don’t know if I have what it takes.”Continue reading “Reflections on Conducting a Writing Workshop on the Threshold of Hell”

Obligatory Introduction: Long-ish, Mildly Self-Indulgent, Somewhat Entertaining

“Pass the gull-durn crumpets, pendejo,” I might utter if I were to speak with the multiple cultural influences in my life. My father’s Grapes of Wrath-paralleling parents led him to be raised by Okies in Southern California, and my mother was born on U.S. soil to British parents and siblings. I took my first breathContinue reading “Obligatory Introduction: Long-ish, Mildly Self-Indulgent, Somewhat Entertaining”